Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has come to an end. London Fashion Week has taken over the fashion spotlight. BUT, I still want to share 3 of my New York fav’s with you.

philiplim20123.1 Phillip Lim autumn/winter 2012

(ps. did you read my previous post about Phillip Lim?)

Proenza Schouler autumn/winter 2012Proenza Schouler Autumn/Winter 2012

Vera Wang autumn/winter 2012Vera Wang Autumn/Winter 2012


Scary music, flickering candles and 10 models laying in open-casket coffins. That is how designer Thom Browne debuted at New York Fashion Week last monday. The theme of Browne’s collection was -not surprisingly- dead women. Women who died for fashion to be more specific. Thom Browne’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 consisted of  unusual pieces which looked more like sculptures and even though I am amazed by the construction of it, I personally do not like the collection. I do love how Browne’s show was truly shocking and surprising, and how he made something very creative of it’s debut.

fall 2012 Thom Browne show.Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2012-13. Ph/ LA TIMES

Speaking of women who died for fashion, one day after Browne’s horror show, the 95-year old beloved socialite and fashion icon  Zelda Kaplan died at the Joanna Mastroianna show during New York Fashion Week.  The old fashionista was sitting front row when suddenly she collapsed. She was a true inspiration for many fashion designers and admired for her lively spirit.

According to Time, designer Richie Rich told the New York Post, “Passing away in the front row was how it was meant to be. Zelda loves fashion so she died for fashion. She would have wanted to go out in style. Zelda always said, “live, live, live and have fun’…I hope the angles are holding her right now.”

It’s odd how Browne’s collection focused on women who died for fashion, and only a few days later one dies front row.

For months I had been doubting ombré hair, but eventually I gave up on the idea as I did not want to find myself coming home from the hairdresser, looking in the mirror and screaming: “WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!” I swear I have the worst luck when it comes to hairdressers.

Ph/ Anna Fischer via

 …But after seeing this picture of a model backstage at the Jen Kao show with reversed ombré hair, I have been obsessing about it again. Don’t you love the darker dip dye on her hair?

Also, what did you think of Jen Kao Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection at New York Fashion Week? I am not a big fan of the entire collection, but love the mysterious color palette and some of the unlikely fabrics. If you haven’t seen it, watch here: